Canton wins NEPA Invitational.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | October 4, 2011


Canton boys led a 1-2-3 NTL sweep of the Bloomsburg NEPA Invitational Saturday.

Led by Emmett Watson's ninth place finish of 16:43, Canton scored 148 points to edge past Sayre's 151. Wellsboro was third with 186.

"It's something we didn't really expect going in," Watson said. "We knew we would have a chance. We all just ran hard and had a good race, came out with a win."

After Watson, Brooks Gleckner was 18th in 16:54, Eddie Larcom was 20th in 16:56, Darren Killian was 27th in 17:49 while Brennan Gleckner was 56th in 18:10.

"It gives us a good look at it," Watson said about using this to compare towards districts this season. "It's the same course, a lot of the same teams in our district. This shows what we can do and how well we can run all day, every day."

"The guys did a really good job on a very wet and muddy course," Canton coach Steve Williams said. "Our spread from first man to fifth man was a little bigger than we wanted it, but the boys ran well against a very big, quality field of teams."

Matt Romanauski's 14th place finish in 16:48 led Sayre while Nate Romanauski was 22nd in 17:05. Nick Sweet finished 26th in 17:11, Alex Porter was 27th in 17:12 and Lorenzo Servedio was 64th in 18:20.

Jordan Jackson led Wellsboro, taking 7th overall in 16:32 while Bob Owlett was 12th in 16:46. Bobby Hill finished 28th in 17:16, Garrett Webster was 39th in 17:43 while Joey Doganiero was 106th in 19:01.

Towanda was fifth overall in 216, led by Aaron Valoroso's second place finish in 16:14.

Simon Smith was 24th in 17:07, Schuyler Smith was 50th in 17:57, Kevin Blackman was 51st in 18:00 while Manny Borrero was 97th in 18:52.

Wyalusing was 11th with 281 points, led by Aaron Woodruff's 25th place finish in 17:08. Also for the Rams, Tyler Sutton was 35th in 17:37, Brenten Gerould was 42nd in 17:47, Mark Kusmierz was 62nd in 18:14 and Mitchell Pickett finished 127th in 19:16.

Sullivan County was 12th with 327 points. Kelby Mullen led them with a fourth place finish in 16:21. Glen Hamilton was 36th in 17:41, Lucas Hatton was 99th in 18:53, Tanner McCarty was 100th in 18:56 and Jordan Beilinch ws 101st in 18:57.

Athens finished 20th with 495 points.

Matt Millard led the way in 53rd in 18:01, Nate Brown was 73rd in 18:30, Alex Walter was 124th in 19:13, Dylan Whipple was 131st in 19:21 and Robert Fauver was 135th in 19:24.

CV took 26th with 565 points.

Dylan Cleveland led the way in 103rd at 18:59, Mitchell Dent was 110th in 19:05, Matthew Streeter was 141st in 19:31, T.J. Swartz was 163rd in 20;23 and John Shannon finished 166th in 20:26.

In the girl's race Wyalusing's Erika Huffman was the top local individual, taking sixth overall in 19:41.

Towanda was the top local team, taking 10th overall with 317 points.

Destiny Foster led way in 9th place at 19:48, followed by Kate Purdy in 31st at 20:53, Danielle Zatkos in 44th at 21:28, Colleen Purdy in 133rd at 25:47 and Soleil Eagan in 148th at 26:59.

Sayre was 11th overall with 325 points.

Katie Hurley led the way with a 20th place finish in 20:19, followed by Katherine Porter in 35th at 21:09, Molly O'Hara in 51st at 21:47, Christ Friedrechsen in 116th at 24:16 and Gabby Keener in 150th at 27:08.

Wellsboro took 12th led by Charlotte Worthington's 21st place finish in 20:20. Randi Grim was 41st in 21:22, Annie Sweeney was 92nd in 23:14, Baylee Mann was 109th in 23:55 and Caitlyn Butler finished 119th in 24:20.

Wyalusing finished 16th overall with 410 points.

After Huffman, Arielle Kneller was 93rd in 23:16, Savannah Schools was 115th in 24:14, Logan Steele was 122nd in 24:51 and Carlyn Edsell finished 125th in 25:02.

Athens was 18th with 438 points.

Paige Bennett led the way in 38th at 21:17, Maria Hudock was 96th in 23:21, Savannah Babcock was 111th in 24:01, Kassandra Winters finished 118th in 24:20 and Ashley Follet finished 130th in 25:21.

Sullivan County was 19th with 440 points.

Shaina Durham's 64 place in 22:18 led the way while Alexis Keiss was 86th in 22:58. Chana Bialer finished 102nd in 23:35, Bethany Lambert was 108th in 23:53 and Emily McMahon finished 136th in 26:09.

Canton was 21st with 587 points.

Emily Ambruch led the way in 78th at 22:35, Alyssa Black was 144th in 26:30, Alison McNett was 149th in 27:07, Toree Baxter was 157th in 29:31 and Bemma Bardo finished 166th in 31:41.