NEB boys, Towanda girls remain undefeated.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | October 3, 2012 | Photo courtesy The Review


2012 Towanda Girls Cross CountryEAST TROY - The Northeast Bradford boys' cross-country team continued to stay undefeated Tuesday.

The Panthers beat Wellsboro 21-35 and Troy 16-41. The Hornets topped Troy 23-32.

On the girls' side Wellsboro packed in it for a 20-39 win over the Panthers. Both teams beat Troy 15-50.

Northeast's Curt Jewett (16:08) and Sam Williams (16:09) went 1-2 while Wellsboro's Jordan Jackson (16:57) was third. Panther Levi Upham (17:16) was fourth, Hornet Bobby Hill (17:24) was fifth, Northeast's Brandon Devonshire (17:28) was sixth, Wellsboro's Joey Doganeiro (17:42) was seventh, Troy's Robin Vanhoutte (17:54) was eighth, Northeast's Derek Allabaugh (18:08) took ninth while Troy's Zach Schonher (18:23) rounded out the top 10.

Troy's Ethan Calkins (19:01) finished 11th, Wellsboro's Derek Morgan (19:11) was 12th, Northeast's Ben Horton (19:20) was 13th, Troy's Eli Laue (19:33) was 14th and Trojan Jordan Grimes (19:49) was 15th.

Troy's Casey Norton won the girl's race in 19:37 while Northeast's Lydia Werner was second in 20:16.

Wellsboro took the next five spots, led by Jada Jackson (21:48) in third, then Jordan Coffee (21:59) in fourth, Charlotte Worthington (22:31) in fifth, Randi Grim (22:43) in sixth and Hannah Hood (23:39) in seventh.

Northeast's Alyssa Turner (23:50) was eighth, Troy's Kassidy Colton (23:58) was ninth while Wellsboro's Camryn Keane (24:07) was 10th.

In 11th was Northeast's Taylor Arnold (24:30), followed by teammate Madison Johnson (24:39), with Wellsboro's Danae Ingerick (24:49) 13th, with Panthers Shelby Park (24:59) and Chelsie Souto (25:09) 14th and 15th.

Troy is at Sullivan County Saturday.

BOYS: Towanda 18, Wyalusing 37; Towanda 15, Mansfield 50; Wyalusing 15, Mansfield 50

GIRLS: Towanda 22, Wyalusing 37; Towanda 15, Mansfield 50; Wyalusing 15, Mansfield 50

TOWANDA - Towanda's Aaron Valoroso led a 1-2-3 Towanda sweep in boys' cross-country action Tuesday.

Valoroso (18:27) won the race while Simon Smith (18:37) was second and Kevin Blackman (19:19) took third.

Wyalusing's Zamien Benditt-Park (19:36) was fourth, Towanda's Schuyler Smith (20:10) was fifth, Wyalusing's Aaron Woodruff (20:22) was sixth, Towanda's Derrick Cole (20:35) was seventh, with Wyalusing's Jordan Schools (20:40), Mark Kuzmiere (21:05) and Brent Gerould (21:10) rounding out the top 10 in eighth, ninth and 10th.

Mansfield's Tyler Bradley was 22nd in 25:45.

Wyalusing's Erika Huffman won the girl's race in 21:34 followed by Mansfield's Violet Learn in 22:05.

Towanda's Katelin Purdy (22:26) and Destiny Foster (22:28) went third and fourth, Mansfield's Simone Lichty (23:17) was fifth, Towanda's Danielle Zatkos (24:12) was sixth, Wyalusing's Savannah Schools (25:32) was seventh, Towanda's Jazmine Reyes (26:20) took eighth while Mansfield's Ayla Rohl (26:39) and Logan Wilson (26:54) went ninth and 10th.

In junior high boys, Mansfield's Blake Nelson won in 11:49 while Towanda's Nick Secules was second. Mansfield's Molly Craig won the girl's race.

BOYS: Canton 24, Sayre 32; Canton 18, Athens 40; Sayre 17, CV 44; Sayre 22, Athens 35; Athens 20, CV 41

GIRLS: Sayre 25, Athens 30; Athens 15, Canton 50; Sayre 15, Canton 50; Athens 15, CV 50, Sayre 15, CV 50

Canton's Emmett Watson won a boys' race that had 50 competitors in it.

Watson won in 16:35.9 while Sayre's Nick Sweet (16:51.3) was second.

Canton's Brennan Gleckner (17:03.8) and Brooks Gleckner (17:10.2) went third and fourth, Athens' Matt Millard (17:20.6) was fifth, Sayre's Lorenzo Servedio (17:24.7) was sixth followed by teammate Nate Romanauski (17:30.8).

Canton's Darren Killian (17:31.3) was eighth, Sayre's Andy Platt (18:02.7) was ninth, Athens' Alex Walter (18:15.5) was 10th, Canton's Michael May (18:52) was 11th, CV's Matt Streeter (18:56.5) was 12th, Athens' Gabe Herbst (18:57.6) was 13th, CV's Dylan Cleveland (18:58.9) was 14th and Canton's Brendan Cohick (19:07.7) was 15th.

Sayre's Katie Hurley (20:23.2) won the girls' race while Athens' Paige Bennett (21;05.4) was second. The Redskins took the next two spots with Katherine Porter (21:35.4) third and Molly O'Hara (21:51.6) fourth.

Athens' Michaela Courtney (22:10.5) was fifth with teammate Emily Madigan (22:25.8) sixth, Sayre's Kristen Johnston (22:26.9) was seventh, Athens' Casey Lattimer (22:34.3) and Kirstan Vanderpool (22:42.2) were eighth and ninth while Canton's Gemma Bardo (22:45.4) rounded out the top 10.

Sayre's Sydney Beeman (22:36.1) was 11th, Athens' Savannah Babcock (23:57.7) was 12th, Sayre's Molly Cole (24:05.4) was 13th, Athens' Melissa Lantz (24:37.4) was 14th and Sayre's Gabbie Keener (24:55.2) was 15th.

CV's top runner was Allie Miller (30:21.8) in 23rd.

In junior high girls' action, Canton beat Athens 21-34. CV's Page Swartz won the race in 10:24.4 with Canton taking the next three spots led by Randi Jennings.

In junior high boys' action, Athens' Jeffrey Gao won the race in 9:49.5 with Sayre's Jeremy Marshall taking second.

BOYS: SVE 31, Waverly 32, Edison 58

GIRLS: Edison 23, Waverly 34, SVE Inc.

Waverly went 1-2 in the boys' race, but were edged in the team standings during IAC cross-country action Tuesday.

Collin Traub won in 18:14 with Randy Chandler second in 18:17. Also for Waverly Mark Kraus (18:53) was sixth, Andy Kinsley (18:54) was seventh, Alex Uhl (19:52) was 16th, Garrott Sutryk (19:57) was 17th and Brian Schlicher (20:08) was 19th.

In the girls' race, Waverly's Kaylee Uhl was second overall in 21:58.

Also for the Wolverines Kelsey Frank (22:39) was fifth, Kate Moore (22:48) was sixth, Kylene Chandler (24:08) was ninth, Taylor Knight (20:15) was 14th, Sidney Shaffer (20:23) was 15th and Kalie Herriman (31:17) was 18th.

Waverly is at the Stock-Conwickie Invitational at Vestal Saturday.

BOYS: Newark Valley 30, Watkins Glen 37, Tioga 71, Candor Inc.

GIRLS: Newark Valley 23, Candor 44, Watkins Glen 67, Tioga Inc.

Tioga's Brenden Walker took third overall in IAC boys' cross-country action Tuesday. Walker ran his home course in 15:57.

Teammate Gage Lubertowicz (21:34) was 17th overall, Connor Swagler (21:34) was 19th, Jacob Schweiger (23:50) was 22nd, Ryan Blakeslee (27:18) was 24th and Noah Schweiger (33:47) was 25th.

Watkins Glen's Matt Gill won in 15:24 with teammate Josh Langley was second in 15:34.

On the girls' side, Emily Stansfield was Tioga's only runner. She took 20th in 29:01.

Newark Valley's Jenn Cupp won in 17:19 while Candor's Julia Russell was second in 18:08.