Northeast Bradford edges Wyalusing, Canton.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | April 24, 2013 | Photo courtesy The Review


2013 Northeast Bradford vs. Wyalusing and Canton Boys TrackWYALUSING - It was close throughout but Northeast Bradford edged out Wyalusing and Canton in NTL boys' track and field action.

The teams were only four points apart with the Panthers scoring 65, the Rams 63 and the Warriors 61.

Northeast's 4x800 relay of Sam Beers, Levi Upham, Sam Williams and Curt Jewett won in 8:21.70 to set a new school record. Jewett used a 1:57 anchor leg split to pull away from the Rams.

The Panthers also took the 4x400 relay in 3:37.16 with a team of Williams, Jewett, Brandon Devonshire and Colton Snyder.

In the discus Wyalusing's Jeremy Allyn won in 133-feet, 1-inch followed by Canton's Will Unruh (130-feet, 10-inches) and

Northeast's Sean Hakes (111-feet, 1-inch).

Jewett won the 1600 in 4:36.64 followed by Williams (4:38.54) and Devonshire (4:40.68).

Wyalusing's Jonah Shotwell won the javelin 156-feet, 8-inches followed by teammates Clint Crawford (148-feet, 5-inches) and Paul Fusco (130-feet, 3-inches).

Panther Isaiah McPherson won the 100 in 12.12 followed by Canton's Theron Binford (12.36) and Wyalusing's Ethan Ace (12.49) in second and third. Warrior Chris Whitehead (17.65) won the 110 hurdles with teammate Austin Dibble (18.90) second and Wyalusing's Ash Sollick (19.40) third.

Upham won the 3200 in 10:22.20 with Williams (10:23.15) right behind and Canton's Brennan Gleckner (10;46.14) in third. Snyder won the 200 in 24.69 followed by Ace (25.29) and Dibble (25.37).

Allyn won the shot put in 43-feet, 11-inches followed by Unruh (43-feet, 9-inches) and hakes (41-feet, 5 1/2-inches). Binford won the triple jump in 39-feet, 9 1/2-inches followed by Wyalusing's Lucas Jennins (37-feet, 9-inches) and Canton's Jesse Lattimer (37-feet, 5-inches).

Binford won the long jump in 20-feet, 1/2-inches followed by Wyalusing's Tim Ace (19-feet, 5-inches) and Jennings (19-feet). Canton's Austin Bunner won the high jump in 6-feet, 1-inches followed by Jennings (6-feet) and Lattimer (5-feet, 8-inches).

McPherson won the 300 hurdles in 45.24 followed by Dibble (46.95) and Whitehead (47.42). Snyder won the 400 in 52.89 followed by Canton's Eddie Larcom (54.21) and Canton's Cody VanRyn (55.21).

Jewett won the 800 in 2:05.72 followed by Devonshire (2:06.92) and Larcom (2:07.74). Wyalusing's 4x100 relay won in 45.69.

Ram Dustin Kaufmann won the pole vault in 11-feet, 6-inches followed by Canton's Brendan Cohick (10-feet, 6-inches) and Wyalusing's Justin Griffith (9-feet, 6-inches).

Wellsboro 96, North Penn 53

WELLSBORO - The Green Hornets picked up an NTL boys' track and field win Tuesday.

In the 100 Wellsboro's Dan Brooks won in 12.10 while teammate Michael Pietropola (12.5) was second and North penn's Harley Kilmer (12.6) took third.

North Penn's JJ Walker won the 200 in 24.80 with Brooks (24.9) in second and North Penn's Devin Remley (25.1) in third.

Wellsboro's Jordan Jackson won the 400 in 51.9 with Walker (52.6) and North Penn's Cody Schmouder (52.7) in second and third. Fellow Hornet Bobby Hill won the 800 in 2:16.10 with teammates Jackson (2:16.3) and Joey Doganiero (2:21.5) in second and third.

Hill won the 1600 in 4:44.70 with teammate Dakota Cleveland (5:16.8) second and North Penn's Jake Harris (5:16.80) third. Cleveland won the 3200 in 11:50 with Harris (11.52) second and Wellsboro's Keegan Reifer (13.30) third.

Wellsboro's Blair Carson won the 110 hurdles in 18.70 with teammate Jack Chambers (18.8) second. Chambers won the 300 hurdles in 46.40 with Carson (49.0) second and fellow Hornet Rich Tardieu (53.5) third.

Wellsboro's 4x100 relay of Brooks, Pietropola, Nick Marple and Kieron Smethers won in 45.90 while North Penn's 4x400 relay of Schmouder, Kilmer, Walker and Remley won in 3:41.

Wellsboro's 4x800 relay of Cleveland, Hill, Jackson and Doganiero won in 9:30.3.

North Penn's Reece Correll won the high jump in 5-feet, 10-inches with teammate Jacob Spring (5-feet, 8-inches) second and Wellsboro's Nick Marple (5-feet, 8-inches) third. Wellsboro's Thomas Straniere won the pole vault in 11-feet with North Penn's Ben Jackson (10-feet, 6-inches) second and Wellsboro's Nick Webster (8-feet) third.

Hornet Dylan Prough won the long jump in 18-feet, 3-inches followed by teammates Mitch Snyder (18-feet, 2-inches) and Jermain Brooks (17-feet, 9-inches). Correll won the triple jump in 39-feet, 3-inches with Snyder (37-feet, 11-inches) second and North Penn's Luke Kelly (34-feet, 11-inches) third.

Wellsboro's Blake Gamble won the shot put in 37-feet, 2-inches with North Penn's Jonah Paulhamus (36-feet, 8 3/4-inches) second and fellow Panther Dallas Dziuba (35-feet, 5 1/4-inches) third.

Dziuba won the discus in 114-feet with teammate Ryan Turner (104-feet, 10-inches) second and Wellsboro's Bill Lupokowski (92-feet, 8-inches) in third.

Wellsboro's Nick Marple won the javelin in 142-feet with Paulhamus (125-feet, 2-inches) and Jackson (121-feet, 2-inches) in second and third.

Athens 108, Sayre 71, Williamson 10

Athens stayed undefeated in NTL boys' track and field action Tuesday.

The Wildcat trio of Jake Coyle (11.51), Tyler Birdsall (11.56) and Austin Depew (11.58) went 1-2-3 in the 100.

Coyle (23.55) led another sweep in the 200, followed by Birdsall (23.73) and Depew (24.01) again.

Sayre's Nick Skerpon won the 400 in 54.14 with teammate Adam Moore (54.53) second and Athens' Kevin Stedge (56.37) third.

Sayre's Lorenzo Servedio led a Redskin sweep in the 800 at 2:11.15, followed by Nick Sweet (2:15.52) and Moore (2:15.87). Sweet won the 1600 in 4:49.10 followed by Athens' Ryan Segar (4:57.96) and Matt Millard (4:57.96) in second and third. Sweet won the 3200 in 10;24.04 followed by Athens' Alex Walter (11:01.29) and Millard (11:03.53).

Athens' Nick Pane won the 110 hurdles in 15.09 with teammate Casey Clark (17.03) second and Williamson's Steven Carpenter (18.84) third. Pane won the 400 hurdles in 42.42 with Sayre's Juan Velazquez (47.76) second and Williamson's Josh Hamblin (49.56) third.

Athens's 4x100 relay of Luke Webster, Depew, Coyle and Birdsall won in 45.17. They also won the 4x400 relay in 3:39.42.

In the high jump Sayre's Jeremy Kyc won in 5-feet, 8-inches followed Stedge (5-feet, 4-inches) and Athens' Shane Martin (5-feet). Sayre's Lucas Murphy won the pole vault in 11-feet followed by Athens' Tyler Solomon (10-feet, 6-inches) in second and Sayre's Marcos Velazquez (9-feet, 6-inches) in third.

Athens' Brad Sampson won the long jump in 19-feet, 2 1/4-inches followed by teammates Sam Vergeson (18-feet, 10 3/4-inches) and Pane (18-feet, 10 1/2-inches).

Sayre's Joey Galizia won the triple jump in 42-feet, 6 3/4-inches followed closely by Depew in 42-feet, 6-inches. Sampson was third at 38-feet, 2-inches.

Athens' Ryan Kreykenbohm won the shot put in 43-feet, 11-inches followed by teammate Scott Laidlaw (43-feet, 3-inches) and Williamson's Kaleb Rice (40-feet, 8-inches) in second and third. Kreykenbohm won the discus in 119-feet, 5-inches followed by Laidlaw (118-feet, 3-inches) and fellow Wildcat Tom Shenot (117-feet, 6-inches).

Sayre's Juan Velazquez won the javelin in 133-feet with Williamson's Derek Johnson (132-feet, 11-inches) second and Athens' Fred Horn (130-feet, 10-inches) third.

Towanda 105, Troy 45

The Black Knights picked up an NTL boys' track and field win Tuesday to stay undefeated.

Troy's 4x800 relay won in 8:32.56.

In the 110 hurdles Troy's Josh Purcell won in 15.47 followed by Towanda's Blake Burlingame (17.64) and fellow Knight Stephen Seibert (17.98).

Towanda's Evan Madill won the shot put in 44-feet, 10-inches with teammate Dave Canfield (40-feet, 6-inches) second and Troy's Adam Watson (36-feet, 2-inches) in third.

Towanda's Charlie Kerin (11.74) won the 100 followed by teammates Steven Vogel (11.92) and Trey Sites (12.21). Fellow Knight Aaron Valoroso won the 1600 in 4:43.88 with teammate Simon Smith (4:47.60) second and Troy's Trevor Hodge (4:51.64) third.

Troy's Layton Calkins won the discus in 116-feet, 8 1/2-inches followed by Madill (113-feet) and Towanda's Mike Schultz (109-feet, 10-inches). Knight Joel Miller won the high jump at 6-feet followed by teammate Cole (5-feet, 4-inches) and Troy's Thomas Swain (5-feet, 4-inches).

Kerin won the 400 in 50.77 followed by Sites (52.32). Troy won the 4x100 relay in 46.80.

In the 300 hurdles Purcell won in 40.58 followed by Burlingame (44.08) and Towanda's Michael Caine (46.49). Burlingame won the long jump at 18-feet, 11 1/4-inches followed by Vogel (17-feet, 2-inches) and Troy's Justin Bradley (16-feet, 11 1/2-inches).

Hodge won the 800 in 2:09.95 followed by teammate Eli Laue in 2:10.51 followed by Valoroso (2:10.68).

Kerin won the 200 in 23.38 followed by Sites (23.56) and Vogel (23.73).

Towanda's Joey Daniello won the javelin in 135-feet, 6-inches followed by Miller (121-feet, 5-inches) and fellow Knight Brendon Bump (121-feet).

Troy's Zach Schonher won the 3200 in 10:53.24 followed by Towanda's Schuyler Smith (11:05.92) and Troy's Petris (12:20.42).

Towanda's Tony Daniello won the pole vault in 12-feet followed by teammates Mason Monahan (11-feet) and Dalton Claupien (10-feet).

Towanda's 4x400 relay of Kerin, Schoonoer, Sites and Vogel won in 3:34.41. Burlingame won the triple jump in 37-feet, 11-inches followed by Miller (37-feet, 3-inches) and Swain (32-feet, 8-inches).

Waverly 95, Edison 44; Waverly 77.5, SVE 58.5

The Wolverines picked up two IAC boys' track and field wins Tuesday.

Waverly's 3200 relay of Randy Chandler, Mark Kraus, Austin Trengo and Brandon Anderson won in 9:27. Waverly's 4x100 relay of Dylan Wright, Rich Northrop, Jacob Goble and Brandon Bostwick won in 47.51 and Waverly's 4x400 relay of Josh Mastrantuono, Northrop, Goble and Kendrick Wood won in 3:50.

Northrop won the 100 in 11.93, Trengo won the 400 in 46.21, Goble won the 200 in 24.68, Jon Puusalu won the triple jump in 37-feet, 7-inches and Wright won the pole vault in 11-feet, 6-inches.

Jim Heffner was second in the 110 hurdles in 17.44 with Puusalu (20.23) third. Chandler was second in the 1600 at 5:35 while Wood took second in the 400 at 56.87.

Puusalu was second in the 400 hurdles in 1:08.2 while Kraus was second in the 800 at 2:21. Northrop was second in the long jump at 17-feet, 2 1/2-inches, McFarland was second in the high jump at 5-feet, 2-inches, Mastrantuono was second in the pole vault at 10-feet, 6-inches and Drew Zobel was second in the discus at 110-feet, 11-inches.

Chandler also took third in the 3200.

Tioga 102, Candor 34

The Tigers picked up an IAC boys' track and field win Tuesday.

In the 4x800 relay Tioga's team of Brenden Walker, Michael Williams, Ian Moon and Kevin Blakeslee won in 9:55.8.

Tioga's Sam Burns won the 110 hurdles in 19.0 followed by teammates Cody Decker (19.1) and Jonah Schumcher (19.7). Dalton Wojcuich won the 100 in 12.3 with teammate Devon Nauta tied for second at 12.4.

Walker won the 1600 in 5:10.6 with teammate Colin Elston second in 5:30.4.

Nauta won the 400 in 57.5 followed by teammate Jeremiah Henneman in second at 57.9. Burns won the 400 hurdles in 1:07.4 with Williams (1:09.5) and Schumacher (1:11.1) second and third.

Blakeslee won the 800 in 2:22.1 followed by teammates Gage Lubertowicz (2:39) and Austin Payne (2:42.9). Wojcuich won the 200 in 24.6 with teammate Shane Snover third in 25.6.

Walker won the 3200 in 11:14 with Elston (12:27.3) second. Tioga's 4x400 relay won in 4:23.

Snover won the long jump in 17-feet, 11-inches with teammate Matthew Jump (15-feet, 2 1/2-inches) third. Henneman won the triple jump in 36-feet, 1 1/4-inches with Snover (34-feet, 7 1/2-inches) in third.

Lubertowicz won the pole vault in 9-feet while teammate Nathan Zimmer was second in the shot put at 35-feet, 11-inches. Zimmer won the discus in 123-feet, 6-inches with teammate Dylan Babcock second in 104-feet, 8-inches and fellow Tiger David Snell third in 88-feet, 10-inches.

Tioga's Ryan Hills and Jump tied for third in the high jump in 5-feet.