Towanda boys, North Penn girls win two in track and field.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | April 4, 2014 | Photo courtesy The Review


2014 Towanda vs. North Penn and Northeast Bradford Boys TrackTOWANDA - The Towanda boys picked up a pair of wins during a track and field tri-meet on Thursday, while North Penn got two wins on the girls' side.

For the boys Towanda scored 105, North Penn had 54 and Northeast Bradford finished with 37. For the girls North Penn had 81.5, Towanda had 65.5 and Northeast Bradford finished with 37.

For the boys Blake Burlingame of Towanda won the 110 hurdles in 16.92, followed by teammate Mike Caine in 19.21 and Taite Couch of North Penn in 21.19.

In the 3200 relay Northeast Bradford's team of Cole Beckwith, Sam Beers, Levi Upham and Brandon Devonshire won in 9:43.61.

In the shot Towanda's Jim Tice won at 46-feet, followed by NEB's Alan Vough at 43-feet, 11-inches and NEB's Austin Manchester (30-feet, 8 1/2-inches).

In the 100 Steven Vogel of Towanda won in 11.55, followed by Towanda's Larry Nichols and Tony Daniello tied at 11.99.

In the 1600 Steven Smith of Towanda won at 4:39.67, followed by Devonshire (4:50.09) and Upham (4:54.08).

Vough won the discus at 120-feet, followed by Tice (118-feet) and Zach Darling of NEB (117-feet, 5-inches).

North Penn's J.J. Walker won the 400 in 51.80, followed by Vogel in 52.85 and Harley Kilmer of North Penn in 54.25.

In the long jump North Penn's Luke Kelly won at 18-feet, 11-inches, followed by Towanda's Blake Burlingame (18-feet, 6 1/4-inches) and North Penn's Jonah Palhamus (17-feet, 6-inches).

Towanda's Tyler Basse, Larry Nichols, Daniello and Dan Leljedal won the 400 relay in 49.45 and Kelly won the high jump at 6-feet, followed by Basse (5-feet, 10-inches) and Towanda's Dalton Claupein (5-feet, 8-inches).

Burlingame won the 300 hurdles in 45.77, followed by Caine (47.06) and Basse (51.30).

Devonshire won the 800 in 2:16.94, followed by Towanda's Schuyler Smith (2:19.04) and Sam Beers of NEB (2:21.75).

In the 200 Vogel won in 23.36, followed by Walker (24.01) and Kilmer (24.03).

In the 3200 Simon Smith won in 10:19.99, followed by Upham (10:31.10) and Derrick Cole of Towanda (11:02.32).

Burlingame won the triple jump at 36-feet, 3 1/4-inches, followed by teammate Jarod Boardman (36-feet, 2-inches) and Kelly (35-feet, 9-inches).

North Penn won the 1600 relay in 3:43.97.

Andy Seeley of NEB won the javelin at 125-feet, 3-inches, followed by North Penn's Derek Nybeck at 118-feet, 4-inches and Tice at 116-feet, 7-inches.

Daniello won the pole vault at 12-feet, followed by Towanda's Sean Vail at 10-feet and Claupein at 9-feet, 6-inches.

For the girls North Penn's team of Britta Berguson, Simone Lichty, Brittany Weiskopf and Erin Dempsey won the 3200 relay in 11:10.67.

Melinda Seymour of NEB won the discus at 47-feet, 1-inch, followed by Alyssa Corwin of North Penn at 45-feet, 3-inches and NEB's Brianna Kemp at 39-feet, 1-inch.

Lydia Werner of NEB won the 100 hurdles at 16.51, followed by Towanda's Elizabeth Schultz (20.88).

Werner won the long jump at 15-feet, 5 1/2-inches, followed by Towanda's Ally Tama (14-feet, 11-inches) and Alysa Davey-Bostic of North Penn (14-feet 8 3/4-inches).

Jenny Loher of North Penn won the 100 in 14.47, followed by Towanda's Brittany Boardman in 14.59 and Elaina Johnson of Towanda in 14.81.

In the 1600 Violet Learn of North Penn won in 5:46.96, followed by teammate Logan Wilson at 6:14.57 and Rachel Cooper of NEB at 6:39.39.

Chelsea Repard of North Penn won the 400 in 1:04.01, followed by Towanda's Victoria Ackley (1:07) and Lyndsey Payne of North Penn (1:10.38).

Towanda's Boardman, Kayla Brown, Marissa Paulish and Johnson won the 400 relay in 55.80.

Berguson won the 300 hurdles in 51.01, followed by Brown (55.22) and Schultz (55.26).

Davey-Bostic won the triple jump at 33-feet, 6 1/4-inches, followed by Towanda's Lauren Risch (33-feet, 5 1/4-inches) and Macarena Toledo (25-feet, 10 1/2-inches).

Learn won the 800 in 2:28.60, followed by Dempsey (2:39.92) and Purdy (2:40.91).

Tama won the pole vault at 8-feet, followed by Raleigh Wilson of North Penn at 7-feet, 6-inches and Divya Patel of Towanda at 7-feet.

Ackley won the 200 in 29.51, followed by Paulish (30.66) and Loher (30.77).

Tama and Davey-Bostic tied for first in the high jump at 4-feet, 10-inches, followed by Schultz at the same height.

Towanda's Purdy, Ackley, Brown and Tama won the 1600 relay in 4:26.68.

Werner won the javelin at 71-feet, 9-inches, followed by North Penn's Makayla Dunbar at 68-feet, 5-inches and teammate Kaitlyn Garverick at 68-feet, 2-inches.

Werner won the 3200 in 12:28.08, followed by Lichty (12:53.3) and Cooper (14:30.12).

In the shot Garverick won at 24-feet, 5-inches, followed by Tara Kelly of NEB at 20-feet, 1 1/2-inches and Patricia Minnich of North Penn at 19-feet, 10-inches.

GIRLS: Wellsboro 137, Troy 11; BOYS: Wellsboro 104, Troy 45

For the Wellsboro girls Lauren Bleggi won the 100 in 13.50, followed by teammate Lindsey Graver (13.80) and Troy's Claudia Mack (14.70).

Graver won the 200 in 29.30, followed by teammate Joey Taft (30.50) and Troy's Meghan Rogers (31.80).

Graver won the 400 in 1:07, followed by teammates Caitlynn Butler (1:10) and Annie Sweeney (1:11.80).

In the 800 Wellsboro's Camryn Keane won in 2:56.10, followed by teammates Butler (2:56.60) and Sammi Bailey (2:59.10).

Jada Jackson of Wellsboro won the 1600 in 6:07.20, followed by teammates Bailey (6:24.20) and Janessa Davis (6:35.80).

Jordyn Coffee of Wellsboro won the 3200 in 13:47.0, followed by teammate Kaleyn Keane (14:26.30).

In the 100 hurdles Wellsboro's Haley Zuchowski won in 17.80, followed by teammates Elise Becker (18.40) and Emma Eccher (19.30).

Zuchowski won the 300 hurdles in 56.90, followed by Eccher (57.00) and Becker (57.20).

Eccher, Raisa Rogers, Riley Kitchen and Taft won the 400 relay for Wellsboro in 57.30 and Davis, Raisa Rogers, Kitchen and Cailtin Tameris won the 1600 relay in 4:36.80, while Camryn Keane, Butler, Bailey and Sweeney won the 3200 relay in 12:17.60.

Raisa Rogers and Kaleyn Keane tied for the win in the high jump at 4-feet, 9-inches, followed by teammate Mikayla Feil (4-feet, 7-inches).

Melody Benner of Wellsboro won the pole vault at 6-feet, 6-inches, followed by Taft at the same height.

Bleggi won the long jump at 14-feet, 7 1/2-inches, followed by Kaleyn Keane and Graver, both at 14-feet, 3-inches.

Jackson won the triple jump at 34-feet, 1-inch, followed by Kaleyn Keane (28-feet, 2-inches) and Wellsboro's Maddy Kyle (27-feet, 5-inches).

Alex Kurtz of Wellsboro won the shot at 28-feet, 7-inches, followed by Jackson (27-feet, 10 3/4-inches) and Jenn Shults of Troy (26-feet, 10 1/2-inches).

Shults won the discus at 87-feet, 8-inches, followed by Wellsboro's Katie Straniere (83-feet, 6-inches) and Hannah Lawton (79-feet, 7-inches).

Kaleyn Keane won the javelin at 97-feet, 11-inches, followed by Shults (91-feet, 7-inches) and Kurtz (86-feet, 2-inches).

For the boys Dan Brooks of Wellsboro won the 100 in 11.70, followed by teammate Michael Pietropola and Troy's Jed Wright, tied at 12.20.

In the 200 Brooks won in 23.60, followed by Troy's Josh Purcell (23.70) and Joey Doganiero of Wellsboro (23.80).

Kieron Smethers of Wellsboro won the 800 in 54.80, followed by Wright (56.30) and Cody DeHaas of Wellsboro (56.30).

Jordan Grimes of Troy won the 800 in 2:11.50, followed by DeHaas (2:25.10) and Bryon Callahan of Wellsboro (2:36.40).

Doganiero won the 1600 in 5:08.20, followed by Troy's Thomas Swain (5:19.50) and Kyle Petris (5:19.60).

Keegan Beard of Troy won the 3200 in 11:28.70, followed by Isaac Leach of Wellsboro at 12:03.80 and Petris at 12:31.

Purcell won the 110 hurdles in 15.60, followed by Wellsboro's Jack Chambers in 18.00 and Blair Carson of Wellsboro in 18.70.

Purcell won the 300 hurdles in 40.90, followed by Chambers (43.10) and Rich Tardieu of Wellsboro (45.90).

Wellsboro's Pietropola, Brooks, Jermain Brooks and Nick Marple won the 400 relay in 47.20 and Jermain Brooks, Chambers, Smethers and Doganiero won the 1600 relay in 3:47.10.

Grimes, Adam Gentilin, Swain and Matt Dunkle won the 3200 relay for Troy in 9:16.10.

Smethers won the high jump at 5-feet, 8-inches, followed by teammate Dylan Prough and Tardieu, both at 5-feet, 6-inches.

Anthony Cooper of Wellsboro won the pole vault at 8-feet, followed by teammate Dominic Spencer at 7-feet, 6-inches.

Prough won the long jump at 19-feet, 4-inches, followed by Pietropola at 19-feet and Diante Jones of Troy at 17-feet, 9-inches.

Prough won the triple jump at 35-feet, 10-inches, followed by Jake Mitchell of Wellsboro (33-feet, 10-inches) and Quentin Curnier of Wellsboro (29-feet, 5-inches).

Jonas Benner of Wellsboro won the shot at 37-feet, 3 1/2-inches, followed by teammates Ben Davis (35-feet, 5 1/2-inches) and Owen Covert (33-feet, 10 1/4-inches).

Bill Lupkowski of Wellsboro won the discus at 119-feet, 7-inches, followed by Troy's Layton Calkins (106-feet, 3-inches) and Benner (91-feet, 8-inches).

Marple won the javelin at 149-feet, 11-inches, followed by Calkins (114-feet, 9-inches) and Davis (100-feet, 8-inches).