Wellsboro boys, girls pick up NTL track wins.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | May 6, 2014


The Wellsboro boys and girls earned a sweep in NTL track and field action Monday.

The Wellsboro boys scored 102 points followed by Williamson (55) and North Penn (31). The Wellsboro girls scored 83 points followed by North Penn (65.5) and Williamson (40.5).

On the girls' side Wellsboro's Lauren Bleggi won in 13.0 followed by North Penn's Jenny Loher (13.7) and Williamson's Destinee Wanner (14.1).

Panther Chelsea Repard won the 200 in 27.40 followed by Wellsboro's Lindsey Graver (27.5) and Loher (28.6). Repard won the 400 in 1:03.2 followed by Graver (1:04.7) and Panther Britta Berguson (1:04.8).

North Penn's Erin Dempsey won the 800 in 2:38.7 with teammate Logan Wilson (2:40.5) in second and Williamson's Zannah King (2:45) in third.

North Penn's Violet Learn won the 1600 in 5:46.4 followed by Williamson's Ryan Hughes (6:00) and Panther Brittany Weiskopff (6:02).

Hornet Camryn Keane won the 3200 in 13:48 with teammate Janessa Davis (13:57) second and Williamson's Nikki Womer (14:06) third.

Wellsboro's Kaelyn Keane won the 100 hurdles (17.7) followed by teammate Elise Becker (18.5) and Williamson's Brittany Boyce (20.0).

Hornet Raisa Rogers won the 300 hurdles in 51.7 followed by Kaelyn Keane (52.1) and Becker (54.7).

Wellsboro's 4x100 relay of Rogers, Kaelyn Keane, Joey Taft and Riley Kitchen won in 55.20.

North Penn's 4x400 relay of Repard, Lyndsey Payne, Berguson and Alysa Davey-Bostic won in 4:27.9.

The Panther 4x800 relay of Learn, Weiskopff, Wilson and Dempsey won in 11:30.9.

Williamson's Hayley Painter won the high jump in 4-feet, 11-inches followed by North Penn's Raileigh Wilson (7-feet, 6-inches) and Wellsboro's Melody Benner (7-feet, 6-inches).

Davey-Bostic won the long jump in 15-feet, 3 1/4-inches followed by Bleggi (14-feet, 11 1/2-inches) and Painter (14-feet, 9 1/2-inches).

Davey-Bostic won the triple jump in 33-feet, 3 1/4-inches with Painter (29-feet, 9-inches) and North Penn's Samantha Davenport (29-feet, 7 3/4-inches) were second and third.

Wellsboro's Alex Kurtz won the shot put in 29-feet, 7 1/2-inches followed by North Penn's Kaitlyn Gaverick (27-feet, 9 1/2-inches) and Hornet Jada Jackson (27-feet, 5 1/2-inches).

Wellsboro's Katie Straniere won the discus in 87-feet, 10-inches with Williamson's Sierra Gehringer (80-feet, 11-inches) in second and Kurtz (77-feet, 8-inches) in third.

Williamson's Amanda Painter won the javelin in 96-feet, 8-inches followed by Kurtz (95-feet, 6-inches) and Williamson's Grace Earle (88-feet, 7-inches).

On the boys' side Wellsboro's Dan Brooks won the 100 in 11.7 followed by teammate Michael Pietropola (11.8) and Williamson's John Baker (12.4).

Baker won the 200 in 25.1 followed by North Penn's Mason Gee (25.5) and Zach McCloskey (25.7).

Williamson's Brandon Womer won the 400 in 57.6 followed by Wellsboro's Brandon Lamphier (1:00) and Devan Warner (1:01.9).

Wellsboro's Joey Doganiero won the 800 in 2:10 followed by North Penn's Cameron Alexander (2:15.4) and Williamson's Thomas Bates (2:25.8).

Wellsboro's David Zavetsky won the 1600 in 5:12 followed by teammates Isaac Leach (5:14.8) and Alden Weiner (5:18.9).

Leach won the 3200 in 12:01 followed by Weiner (12:09) and Williamson's Caleb Bieser (12:32).

Wellsboro's Blair Carson won the 110 hurdles in 17.8 followed by teammate Jack Chambers (18.0) and Williamson's Benjamin Williams (19.0).

Chambers won the 300 hurdles in 44.2 followed by teammate Rich Tardieu (44.7) and Williams (48.8).

Wellsboro's 4x100 relay of Carson, Pietropola, Brooks and Chambers won in 46.20 while North Penn's 4x400 relay of JJ Walker, Harley Kilmer, Devin Remley and Dillon Ford won in 3:41.6.

The Panther 4x800 relay of Alexander, Ford, Remley and Walker won in 9:15.5.

Williamson's Dakota Corwin won the high jump in 5-feet, 9-inches followed by Tardieu (5-feet, 7-inches) and Warrior Josh Nudd (5-feet, 3-inches).

Williamson's Ivan Swartz won the pole vault in 12-feet, 6-inches followed by Hornet Anthony Cooper (10-feet) and Williamson's Joseph Brown (8-feet, 6-inches).

Pietropola won the long jump in 18-feet, 6 1/2-inches followed by Corwin (18-feet, 5-inches) and Tardieu (17-feet, 5 3/4-inches).

Tardieu won the triple jump in 37-feet, 3/4-inches followed by Nudd (35-feet, 8 1/4-inches) and Wellsboro's Jake Mitchell (35-feet, 4-inches).

Hornet Blake Gamble won the shot put in 45-feet, 6 3/4-inches followed by Williamson's Kyle Rice (40-feet, 10 1/2-inches) and Kaleb Rice (38-feet, 3 1/4-inches).

Wellsboro's Bill Lupkowski won the discus in 122-feet, 11-inches followed by Kaleb Rice (122-feet, 7-inches) and North Penn's Ryan Turner (117-feet, 6-inches).

North Penn's Bo Burleigh won the javelin in 148-feet, 3-inches followed by Wellsboro's Ben Davis (121-feet, 2-inches) and North Penn's Jonas Paulhamus (120-feet, 8-inches).