Notre Dame defeats Waverly in first home meet in 24 years.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | April 22, 2015 | Photo courtesy The Review


2015 Notre Dame vs. Waverly Girls TrackELMIRA, N.Y. - Notre Dame's first home dual meet in 24 years was a good one for the girls as they defeated Waverly 82-50 in IAC track and field action Tuesday.

This was the Crusaders' first meet since putting in a new track.

Notre Dame's 4x800 relay of Allegra Dawes, Laurel Vargas, Emma Booth and Chase Yoder won in 10:13.5 while Deb Diarra won the 100 in 12.9.

Dawes won the 1500 in 5:14 while Yoder won the 80-0 in 2:28.8.

Diarra won the 200 in 26.4 with Vargas winning the 3000 in 11:58.3.

Notre Dame's 4x400 relay of Yoder, Booth, Victoria Schutrum and Diarra won in 4:13.5.

Crusader Mia Herlan won the high jump in 4-feet, 8-inches while teammate Laurel Karee won the triple jump in 30-feet, 6 1/2-inches.

Notre Dame's Anna Lackner won the shot put (31-feet, 1-inch) and the discus (100-feet, 7 1/4-inches).

For Waverly Kayla Kromelbein won the 100 hurdles in 17.6 while the Wolverine 4x100 relay of Melina Ortiz, Dani Burkhart, Kaylee Uhl and Kate Oteng-Bediako won in 53.1.

Uhl won the 400 hurdles in 1:12.3 while teammate Sidney Shaffer won the long jump in 15-feet, 1 1/2-inches.

Wellsboro 95, Towanda 50, Canton 40

The Green Hornets picked up two NTL girls' track and field wins Tuesday.

In the 100 Wellsboro's Jada Jackson won in 12.80 followed by teammate Lauren Bleggi (12.90) with Canton's Brooke Ward (13.0) third.

Bleggi won the 200 in 26.10 followed by Ward (26.2) and Wellsboro's Lindsey Graver (29.40).

Ward won the 400 in 1:05.5 followed by Towanda's Lauren Risch (1:09.2) and Sierra Cazassa (1:11.30).

Wellsboro's Camryn Keane won the 800 in 2:40.7 with teammate Annie Sweeney (2:46.80) second and Canton's Randi Jennings (2:45) third.

Jennings won the 1600 in 6:07.80 followed by Wellsboro's Anna Bleggi (6:12.90) and Canton's Rachel Sparling (6:24.50).

Anna Bleggi won the 3200 in 13:38 with Hornet Janessa Davis (13:40) and Towanda's Ezoza Ismailova (15:31) second and third.

Wellsboro's Haley Zuchowski won the 100 hurdles in 17.7 followed by teammate Emma Eccher (18.4) and Canton's Pearl Hess (18.7).

Hornet Raisa Rogers won the 300 hurdles in 54.30 with Hess (54.6) second and Eccher (56.1) third.

Towanda's 4x100 relay of Kayla Brown, Elaina Johnson, Ally Tama and Cazassa won in 55.30.

The Black Knight 4x400 relay of Cazassa, Tama, Johnson and Kayla Brown won the 4x400 relay in 4:37.20.

Wellsboro's 4x800 relay of Caitlynn Butler, Sweeney, Keane and Davis won in 11:43.

Rogers won the high jump in 4-feet, 9-inches followed by teammate Mikayla Feil (4-feet, 9-inches) and Tama (4-feet, 7-inches).

Brown won the pole vault in 8-feet with Wellsboro's Meloday Benner (7-feet, 5-inches) and Joey Taft (7-feet, 5-inches) in second and third.

Jackson won the long jump in 16-feet, 6 1/2-inches followed by Graver (15-feet, 8 1/2-inches) and Canton's Cassidy Bellows (14-feet, 9-inches).

Jackson won the triple jump in 34-feet, 4-inches with Graver (31-feet, 8-inches) and Bellows (29-feet, 7-inches) in second and third.

Towanda's Jessica Tice won the shot put in 31-feet, 1 1/2-inches with Canton's Katie Henson (27-feet, 11-inches) and Towanda's Sarah Dawsey (26-feet, 9 3/4-inches) in second and third.

Tice won the discus in 78-feet, 3-inches with Wellsboro's Hannah Lawton (74-feet, 2-inches) and Samantha Spurgeon (71-feet, 1-inch) in second and third.

Towanda's Alliesha Koss (84-feet) won the javelin followed by teammates Dawsey (82-feet, 5-inches) and Tice (78-feet, 10-inches).

Wyalusing 81, Northeast Bradford 40, Williamson 35

WYALUSING - The Lady Rams picked up two NTL track and field wins at home Tuesday.

Wyalusing's Tiffany Newton won the pole vault in 7-feet, 2-inches followed by teammates Autumn McGrath (6-feet, 8-inches) and Karly Huffman (6-feet, 2-inches).

Williamson's Andrea Shieve won the discus in 77-feet, 9-inches with NEB's Emily Allis (77-feet, 6-inches) second and Williamson's Sierra Gehringer (76-feet, 2-inches) third.

NEB's Karlie Moyer won the 800 in 2:53.02 followed by Williamson's Morgan Cady (3:02.9) and McGrath (3:14.6).

NEB's Lydia Werner won the high jump in 5-feet followed by Wyalusing's Keon Copp (4-feet, 6-inches) and Cady (4-feet, 4-inches).

Wyalusing's 4x400 relay won in 4:55 with a team of Morgan Sutton, Karly Huffman, Ashley Van Horn and Copp.

Shieve won the shot put in 27-feet, 10-inches followed by NEB's Erika Vough (26-feet, 9-inches) and Williamson's Jane Hurd (25-feet, 9-inches).

Werner won the 300 hurdles in 50.02 followed by Wyalusing's Missy Ciprich (56.08) and Williamson's Destinee Wanner (59.29).

Williamson's Ryan Hughes won the 1600 in 6:23.10 followed by Moyer (6:30.2) and Wyalusing's Pam Kelley (6:36.6).

Wyalusing's Madalyn Edsell won the triple jump in 29-feet, 10-inches followed by Copp (29-feet, 5-inches) and McGrath (29-feet, 2-inches).

Wyalusing won the 4x100 relay in 56.98 with a team of Ashley Van Horn, Hannah Corson, Naomi Lynnwood and Edsell.

Ram Veronica Morrison won the javelin in 87-feet, 7-inches followed by NEB's Breanna Kemp (67-feet, 10-inches) and Vough (62-feet, 11-inches).

Werner won the 100 hurdles in 16.69 followed by Ciprich (17.98) and Lynnwood (19.08).

NEB won the 4x800 relay in 11:46.6.

NEB's Megan Allabaugh won the 3200 in 14:20 followed by Moyer (14:20) and Womer (14:41).

Werner won the long jump in 15-feet, 4-inches with Edsell (13-feet, 10 1/2-inches) and McGrath (13-feet, 6-inches) second and third.

NEB won the 4x800 relay in 9:51.9.

Wyalusing's Morgan Sutton won the 400 in 1:02.3 followed by NEB's Kiah Russell (1:13.26) and Huffman (1:14.20).

Sutton won the 200 in 28.5 followed by Linwood (29.60) and Wyalusing's Summer Putman (31.40).

Sayre 98, Troy 44

The Redskins earned an NTL track and field win at home Tuesday.

Sayre's Alison Hickey won the 100 in 13.9 followed by Troy's Meghan Rogers (14.0) and Maddison McClelland (14.2).

Hickey won the 200 in 28.9 with Rogers (30.2) and McClelland (30.6) second and third.

Sayre's Sydney Beeman won the 400 in 1:06.2 with Troy's Emma Shedden (1:10.6) second.

Beeman won the 800 in 2:45.4 with teammate Maddy Harding (2:49.2) second and Troy's Courtney Case (2:55.6) third.

Case won the 1600 in 6:21.5 followed by Sayre's Dani Belles (6:52.4) with Cristin Hickey (6:55.1) third.

Case took the 3200 in 14:00.6 with Belles (14:32.5) second.

Sayre's Mia Rivera won the 100 hurdles in 16.8.

Sayre's Madison Wheeler won the 300 hurdles in 1:01.6 with Troy's Selena Fitzwater (1:07.4).

Sayre's 4x100 team of Rivera, Paige Hildebrandt, Andy Noldy and Jess Hickey won in 57.7.

Sayre's 4x400 relay team of Becca McNamara, Wheeler, Hildebrandt and Beeman won in 4:46.2.

Troy's 4x800 relay won in 11:51.1.

Redskin Matthea Robbins won the pole vault in 7-feet, 6-inches followed by Harding (5-feet, 6-inches) and Sayre's Kirsten Covey (5-feet).

Harding won the high jump in 4-feet, 8-inches followed by Troy's Faith Cryan (4-feet, 6-inches) and Alison Hickey (4-feet, 4-inches).

Noldy won the long jump in 14-feet, 1-inches followed by Covey (13-feet) and Harding (12-feet, 7-inches).

Alison Hickey won the triple jump in 30-feet, 2-inches followed by Noldy (27-feet, 11 1/2-inches).

Troy's Jenn Shults won the shot put in 31-feet, 11 1/2-inches with Sayre's Emily Garrity (29-feet) and Molly Ball (25-feet, 4-inches) in second and third.

Sayre's Christine King won the discus in 87-feet, 2-inches with Shults (85-feet, 8-inches) second and Ball (84-feet) third.

Ball won the javelin in 81-feet, 1-inch followed by Shults (80-feet, 1-inch) and Garrity (71-feet, 2-inches).

Athens 103, North Penn-Mansfield 46

The Wildcats remained undefeated in NTL girls' track and field action Tuesday.

In the 4x800 relay NPM's team of Brittany Weiskopf, Lyndsey Payne, Logan Wilson and Alaina McKee won in 11:41.1.

Athens' Cassie McDonald won the 100 hurdles in 16.8 followed by teammates Jocelyn Burns (18.8) and Abigail Thoman (20.8).

Athens' Breana Gambrell won the 100 in 14.6 followed by teammates Sara Goble (14.8) and Shaynia Burns (14.8).

Wilson won the 1600 in 6:33.7 followed by McKee (6:56.1) and North Penn-Mansfield's Victoria Johnson (6:56.2).

Athens won the 4x100 relay in 57.5.

Wildcat Shanell Baglini won the 400 in 1:06.1 followed by teammate Emily Lunger (1:06.7) and Payne (1:10.1).

McDonald won the 300 hurdles in 52.4 followed by Jocelyn Burns (1:00.8) and Shaynia Burns (1:01).

Baglini won the 800 in 2:45 with teammate Emily Madigan (2:49) second and Payne (2:52) third.

Madigan won the 3200 in 13:41.8 followed by Weiskopf (13:52.4) and Athens' Selkie Bishop (13:55.3).

The Wildcat 4x400 relay of Baglini, Maggie Cole, Gambrell and Shaynia Burns won in 4:48.2.

Gambrell won the 200 in 27.7 followed by Lunger (28.7) and North Penn-Mansfield's Alysa Davey-Bostic (30.4).

NPM's Miranda Hampsher won the long jump in 11-feet, 8-inches followed by Athens' Sarah Cuno (11-feet, 5-inches) and NPM's Megan Tice (9-feet, 8-inches).

Gambrell won the triple jump in 31-feet, 7-inches followed by NPM's Sam Davenport and Cuno (27-feet, 10-inches).

Davey-Bostic won the high jump in 4-feet, 11-inches with Lunger (4-feet, 10-inches) second and NPM's Jourdyn Buckheit (4-feet) third.

NPM's Reileigh Wilson won the pole vault in 8-feet, 6-inches with Athens' Victoria McDonald second in 6-feet, 6-inches.

Athens' Katherine Shenot won the shot put in 29-feet, 11-inches followed by teammate Taylor Conrad (29-feet, 8-inches) and NPM's Kaitlyn Garverick (29-feet, 4-inches).

Athens' Morgan Westbrook won the discus in 79-feet, 11-inches followed by teammate Suzanna Searls (76-feet, 8-inches) and Garverick (76-feet, 4-inches).

Westbrook won the javelin in 99-feet, 6-inches with North Penn-Mansfield's Alyssa Corwin (81-feet, 1-inch) second and Garverick (76-feet, 6-inches) third.

Odessa-Montour 85, Tioga 56

The Tigers fell in Small School IAC girls' track and field action Tuesday.

Malley Bowen was a two time winner for Tioga.

She took the high jump in 4-feet, 6-inches while also winning the pole vault in 7-feet, 6-inches. Teammate Kati Webster was second in 7-feet.

Tioga's Joanna Wood won the shot put in 24-feet, 8 1/2-inches while also taking second in the discus in 81-feet even. Teammate Grace Manwaring was second in 62-feet, 8 1/2-inches.

Tiger Kirsten Schweiger won the triple jump in 28-feet, 2 1/4-inches.

Bowen was second in the 100 hurdles in 16.6 with teammate Anna Schumacher third in the 100 in 14.1.

Tioga's Holly Passetti was third in the 1500 in 5:40.5 while teammate Hannah Browne was third in the 400 at 1:14.3.

Bowen was second in the 400 hurdles in 1:14.6 with teammate Emily Polo-Rankin third in 1:16.9.

Webster was second in the 800 in 2:49.6 and Schumacher was third in the 200 in 29.6.

Passetti was second in the 3000 in 12:51.3 with teammate Alie Schweiger third in 13:51.1.

Tioga's Kayla Staples was second in the long jump in 13-feet with teammate Tara Snover third in 12-feet, 6 1/2-inches.