NEB girls, boys start NTL season with sweep.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | September 14, 2016 | Photo courtesy The Review


NEB girls, boys start NTL season with sweepLERAYSVILLE — Northeast Bradford's two cross-country teams began their NTL title defenses strong on Tuesday.

The Lady Panthers edged last year's top challengers Canton again 25-33 and also beat Cowanesque Valley 20-43.

Canton defeated CV 23-32.

On the boys' side, NEB went 1-through-5 en route to wins of 15-48 over CV and 15-46 over Canton.

Canton topped CV 23-32.

For the girls, CV's freshman runner Jules Jones pulled away for the win in 21:26 while NEB's Karli Moyer (22:12) was second.

Canton's Tamara Hess (22:20) was third, NEB's Krista Hallett (22:35) took fourth and Warrior Rachel Sparling (22:52) rounded out the top five.

Canton's third runner Josie Kelley (23:26) was sixth but she was followed by a pack of Panthers — Anne Tompkins (23:45), Ella Brown (24:05) and Megan Allabaugh (24:18) — in seventh through ninth to get them the win.

NEB's Kira Pruyne (24:54) rounded out the top 10.

Canton's Elana Castle (25:01) and Emalee Landis (25:22) were 11th and 12th with NEB's Annie Williams (25:49) 13th.

CV's Claire Miller (26:38) and Aelisha Earle (26:39) were 14th and 15th.

NEB's Casey Ellis (17:33) won the boys' race while his teammates Nate Mosier (18:40), Garret Smith (18:42), Zak Smith (18:48) and Austin Senn-Bishop (18:50) rounded out the top five for the Panthers.

CV's Evan Miller (18:54) was sixth followed by Canton's Mak Gleckner (19:16) and Connor Hess (19:24). NEB's Destin Moore (19:25) was ninth with teammate Aaron Boss (19:32) 10th.

CV's George Reynolds (19:38) took 11th, NEB's Tyler Devonshire (19:58) was 12th, NEB's Devin Miller (20:39) was 13th, Canton's Joe Gleckner (20:46) took 14th while teammate Del Janovan (20:51) was 15th.

In junior high action for boys, CV beat NEB 20-35 while both teams beat Canton 15-50.

CV's Seth Neal won in 12:03.

For the girls, NEB beat CV and Canton 15-50.

Panther Emma Moyer won in 13:36.

BOYS: Towanda 26, North Penn-Mansfield 30; Towanda 22, Sayre 33; Sayre 27, North Penn-Mansfield 29

GIRLS: North Penn-Mansfield 19, Towanda 39; Sayre 26, Towanda 29; North Penn-Mansfield 18, Sayre 40

TOWANDA — The Black Knights and Lady Tigers came away with NTL sweeps Tuesday.

NPM's Blake Nelson won the boys' race in 20:43 followed by Towanda's threesome of Eric Lauber (21:11), Kaigan Strope (21:18) and Chase Dibble (22:38). Sayre's Collin Willmot (22:56) rounded out the top five.

Redskin Josh McClelland (23:16) was sixth, NPM's Jared Davis (23:18) took seventh, Sayre's Caleb McClelland (23:25) was eighth, Towanda's Isaac Nemo (23:44) was ninth and Sayre's Jeremy Marshall (24:16) rounded out the top 10.

NPM's Morgan Rutledge (24:33) was 11th followed by teammates Shay Toner (24:48), Roger Learn (24:50) and Sam Shedden (24:58) with Towanda's Zack Johnson (25:59) taking 15th.

On the girls' side, NPM's Lyndsey Payne (26:05) and Samantha Rutledge (26:37) went 1-2 followed by Sayre's Kaeli Sutryk (26:50). Rounding out the top five were NPM's Lauren Ensminger (27:14) and Towanda's Ezoza Ismailova (27:19).

Towanda's Cheyanne Brown (27:19) was sixth, NPM's Emma Harris (28:22) and Brittany Weiskopff (28:38) were seventh and eighth, Sayre's Madison Lamanna (29:22) was ninth with teammate Jacee Henry (29:26) rounding out the top 10.

NPM's Carmen Bates (29:32) was 11th, Sayre's Kayla Hughey (29:44) was 12th, Towanda's Shelby Smith (30:37) was 13th, Cassidy Walker (31:07) was 14th and Hannah Tavani (31:32) took 15th.

In junior high action, NPM's Noah Shedden (11:18) and Faith Vogel (13:10) won the boys and girls races.

"I was pleased with the kids' effort," said Towanda coach Leo Harris. "It was a nice group of kids, everybody battled. It was very hot and a tough course early in the season; all three teams seemed to perform rather well."

Towanda is at the Owego Invitational Saturday.

BOYS: Wyalusing 24, Athens 32; Wellsboro 23, Athens 38; Wellsboro 22, Wyalusing 35

GIRLS: Wellsboro 27, Athens 29; Athens 26, Wyalusing 30; Wellsboro 23, Wyalusing 32

The Hornets came away with an NTL boys' sweep in cross-country action Tuesday.

Athens' Camden Allen won the race at Round Top in 17:50.31 with Wellsboro's Aidan Perry (17:52.13) second and teammate Connor Brought (19:44.40) third.

Wyalusing's Kevin Herman (19:19.77) and Alex Patton (19:20.33) rounded out the top five.

Athens' Jeffrey Gao (19:30.22) was sixth, Wellsboro's Austin Richards (19:58.37) took seventh, Wellsboro's Alden Weiner (20:01.63) took eighth, Wyalusing's Christian McClelland (20:19.32) was ninth and Wellsboro's Bergen Weiner (20:36.52) rounded out the top 10.

Hornet Bryon Callahan (20:36.73) was 11th with teammate Michael Stefanowicz (20:37.91) 12th. Wyalusing's Logan Newton (20:39.62) was 13th, Athens' Thomas Toscano (20:48.59) was 14th and Ram Luke Auer (21:07.06) took 15th.

On the girls' side, Wyalusing's Hannah Corson won in 21:59 followed by Athens' Emily Arnold (23:16).

Rounding out the top five were Wellsboro's Kayla Mengee (23:35) and Anna Bleggi (24:35) and Athens' Cassie McDonald (25:35).

Wellsboro's Rachel Chamberlain was sixth in 25:39 followed by Athens' Selkie Bishop (26:07), Wyalusing's Meghan McClelland (26:39), Athens' Taylor Lane (26:47) and Wellsboro's Kara Doane (26:52) in the top 10.

Wyalusing's Kyleigh Jo Ward (27:55) was 11th, Wellsboro's Kylie Butler (28:17) was 12th, Rams Ashlee Newton (28:24) and Cassie Caccia (28:30) came in at 13th and 14th and Wellsboro's Maddie Mann (28:35) ended in 15th.

BOYS: Sullivan County 27, Troy 29; Troy 20, NRCS 37; Sullivan County 19, NRCS 41

GIRLS: Troy 15, Sullivan County 50; Troy 15, NRCS 50

The Griffins edged Troy in NTL boys' cross country action Tuesday.

Troy's Kale Weidner won the race in 19:07 with Sullivan taking the next two spots with Jordan Pedro (20:01) and Jake Doyle (20:01).

Troy's Zane Longwell (20:25) was fourth while North Rome Christian School's Kris Page (20:50) rounded out the top five.

Sullivan's Nathan Higley (20:51) was sixth followed by Troy's Jacob Brown (21:00) and Jarrod Rathbun (21:19).

Griffin Will Kiner (22:04) was ninth while NRCS's Noah Hurst (22:06) rounded out the top 10.

Sullivan's Omar Rubio (22:19) and Herm Harney (22:22) were 11th and 12th, NRCS's Parker Schomp (23:11) was 13th, Troy's Nick Stein (23:41) was 14th and Sullivan's Ethan Walker (23:47) took 15th.

The Lady Trojans went 1-through-5 led by Katherine Polakowski (22:38).

Courtney Case (23:23) was second, Madeline DeLosa (24:32) was third, Brooke Hinman (24:45) took fourth and Madisyn Baxter (25:11) was fifth.

Sullivan's Marcina Pochatko was sixth in 27:25 followed by Troy's Abigail Lewis (29:05) and Haley Twarkusky (29:09).

NRCS's Alisha Lykens (30:27) and Ashley Jones (30:44) were ninth and 10th.

In junior high action, Troy won 15-50 over Sullivan and NRCS in both girls' and boys' races.

Troy's Owen Williams set a new course record in 8:40 to win the boys' race.

McKenzie Bellinger won the girls' race in 10:40 for Troy.

BOYS: Notre Dame 20, Newark Valley 43, Lansing 100, Whitney Point 101

GIRLS: Newark Valley 32, Notre Dame 38, Lansing 53, Whitney Point 100

The Notre Dame boys' came away with a 3-0 start to the IAC season Tuesday.

They took second through eighth in the race behind Newark Valley's Josh Blazey (17:57).

Matt Karee (18:26) led the way followed by Nico Tripeny (19:03.7), Frank Vassallo (19:03.8) and Justin Bauco (19:04) to round out the top five.

Andrew Finnerty (19:05), Matt Connelly (19:14.6) and Cullin McWhorter (19:14.8) were sixth, seventh and eighth.

On the girls' side, Notre Dame had three runners in the top 10.

Chase Yoder was second in 22:17 while Payton Yoder (22:58) and Hayley Cronin (23:06) were fifth and sixth.

Newark Valley's Marissa Silba won in 22:02.