Athens claims second straight NTL boys' title.

By: Chris Manning | Towanda Daily Review | May 13, 2017 | Photo courtesy Brian Fees


Athens claims second straight NTL boys' titleATHENS — Athens rode their sprinters to their second straight boys' NTL Track and Field Championships Friday.

The Wildcats had 145 points with Towanda (119.5) second. NP-Mansfield (98) was third, NEB (89) was fourth, Wyalusing (86.5) took fifth, Wellsboro (56) was sixth, Williamson (49) was seventh, Canton (39) took eighth, Sayre (14) was ninth while Troy (5) was 10th.

Athens won the 100, 400, 4x100 relay and swept the 200 while also getting a win in the shot put.

"It definitely feels very good," Wildcat coach Dave Gabriel said. "We had some setbacks the very last week in preparation for this. We lost a hurdler to an injury which was a lot of points for us. You know we talked to the kids throughout the week and every coach says they showed up but they just showed up today. But that doesn't capture what they did today. The times that they produced and the distances that they threw and jumped, it's absolutely remarkable."

The veteran coach noted their team spirit was their biggest asset.

"They pulled together as a team and picked each other up," he said. "They got this done by themselves. Coach Mastrantonio always said, 'the hay's in the barn.' It just means that we're ready."

Athens' Kalen Keathley did something he hadn't done since he was a sophomore — go under 11 seconds in the 100.

After coming close in the preliminaries (11.02) he went under to win the finals in 10.92.

"It's fantastic," Keathley said about his time. "That's my PR, that's the fastest I've ever run. I had a good warm up before my trials, I ran my trials. I didn't think they were that fast and they were 11.02. It freaked me out a little because I wasn't expecting that at all but then I was like 'today's the day. Today's the day I'm breaking 11.'"

Keathley got a good 30-minute warm up, a smart move on a chilly day.

"I wanted to make sure everything was perfect before I run," he said. "I got into the blocks, I was real nervous and I felt it. I was running on air and when I hit the finish line I knew I did it, that was it."

The Wildcats swept the race with Ben Vosburg (11.40) second and Damien Hudson (11.41) third.

Towanda's Matt Madigan (11.43) took fourth, Canton's Camden Smith (11.54) was fifth and NEB's David Ford (11.70) finished sixth.

Athens' 4x100 relay of Damien Hudson, Brandon Hunsinger, Jon Dailey and Keathley won in 45.96.

The Wildcats went 1-2-3 in the 200 led by Keathley (22.79) with Ben Vosburg (23.48) second and Damien Hudson (23.65) third.

Canton's Camden Smith (23.78) was fourth, Towanda's Matt Madigan (24.00) was fifth and Wellsboro's Wyatt Dean (24.17).

Wyalusing's team of Scott Eberlin, Kasar Cameron, Joey Doss and Josh Haley (46.13) was second. NEB's team of Brady Brown, David Ford, Jude Jampo and Brandon Wilson took third in 46.25.

Towanda's foursome of Larry Nichols, Dalton Dunn, Chase Fulmer and John Schrader was fourth in 46.70, Wellsboro's team of Silas Wagaman, Wyatt Dean, Brennan Warner and Brandon Lamphier took fifth in 47.05 and North Penn-Mansfield's team of Naseer Burzak, Garrett David, Garrett Bickhart and Nick Kasper took sixth in 47.37.

In the boys' 400 Athens' Ben Vosburg (51.75) held on to beat Towanda's Griffin Sites (52.51). Vosburg was able to hold off a strong charge from Sites down the home stretch.

Athens' Arvid Johnson (53.13) was third, Canton's Camden Smith (53.41) took fourth with NP-Mansfield's duo of Cameron Alexander (53.94) and Brock Burleigh (54.00) fifth and sixth.

North Penn-Mansfield's Taite Couch won the 110 hurdles in 16.32, a race that saw two runners fall on the final hurdle. Towanda's Chase Fulmer (17.12) was second followed by Athens' Sean Waltman (17.45). Towanda's Todd Koss (17.56), Williamson's Allen Hackler (17.81) and NEB's Aaron Boss (18.42) rounded out the top six.

In the 4x800 relay North Penn-Mansfield's foursome of Sergio Zuniga, Ted Reynolds, Nathaniel Johnson and Cameron Alexander won in 8:47.36.

Athens' team of Nate Aquilio, Bradley Cordona, Ethan Lane and Doug Vosburg took second in 8:47.36. They were followed by Towanda (9:06.71) with Cole Barrett, Chase Dibble, Eric Lauber and Aizak Nimmo, Wellsboro (9:13.81) with a team of Aidan Perry, Gabe LeachBrett Rudy and Trevor Weaver, Williamson (9:19.89) with a team of Caleb Bieser, Myka Loucks, Evan Miller and Micah Neff and Wyalusing (9:19.95) with a team of Luke Auer, Logan Newton, Kevin Heeman and Chris McClelland.

In the long jump Wellsboro's Dupree Hosey won at 20-feet, 3-inches with teammate Brandon Lamphier (19-feet, 11-inches) second.

Wyalusing's Scott Eberlin (19-feet, 10 ½-inches) and Kasar Cameron (19-feet, 9-inches) were third and fourth. Towanda's Dalton Dunn (19-feet, 5 ½-inches) was fifth while NP-Mansfield's Mason Gee (19-feet, 4 ½-inches) took sixth.

NEB's Alec Morris (126-feet, 7-inches) won the discus with Williamson's Caleb Hurd (125-feet, 3-inches) a close second. Sayre's Kris Platt (114-feet, 10-inches) was third, NEB's Dustin Dean (109-feet, 10-inches) and Jonathan Merritt (107-feet, 3-inches) were fourth and fifth while Towanda's Joe Koss (105-feet, 5-inches) took sixth.

NEB's Casey Ellis pulled away to win the 1600 in 4:38.15.

NP-Mansfield's Sergio Zuniga (4:42.45) was second while Wyausing's Kevin Heeman (4:45.60) held on for third. Williamson's Madden Doud (4:45.98) was fourth, NP-Mansfield's Blake Nelson (4:50.88) was fifth and Canton's Connor Hess (4:51.02) took sixth.

Towanda's Todd Koss (12-feet, 6-inches) won the pole vault with Wyalusing's Derek Frederick (12-feet) and Domanick Otis (11-feet, 6-inches) second and third.

Sayre's Jordan Buck (11-feet, 6-inches) was fourth while Athens' Evan Menard (10-feet) and Sean Waltman (10-feet) were fifth and sixth.

North Penn-Mansfield edged out Athens and Canton to win the 4x400 relay.

NPM's team of Naseer Burzak, Brock Burleigh, Riley Walker and Cameron Alexander ran 3:41.28 while Athens' foursome of Arvid Johnson, Kalen Keathley, Ethan Lane and Ben Vosburg ran 3:41.70.

Canton's team of Connor Hess, Brandon Larson, Camden Smith and Aaron Sparling ran 3:42.18.

NEB's team of Marcos Biesa, Aaron Boss, David Ford and Jude Jampo took fourth in 3:48.33, Wellsboro's team of Devan Warner, Brett Rudy, Brennan Warner and Wyatt Dean were fifth in 3:49.12 and Troy's team of Nat Graybill, Alex Johnston, Devyn Parks and Avery Watkins were sixth in 3:50.09.

NEB's Casey Ellis won the 3200 in 10:02.97 with NP-Mansfield's Sergio Zuniga (10:24.78) second.

Wyalusing's Kevin Heeman (10:34.11) out kicked Williamson's Madden Doud (10:35.77) for third. Athens' Nate Aquilio (10:42.47) was fifth and Williamson's Evan Miller (10:43.44) took sixth.

NPM's Naseer Burzak (44.15) won the 300 hurdles with Towanda's Todd Koss (44.26) second. Williamson's Chris Padgett (44.43) was third, NEB's Aaron Boss (44.65) was fourth, NPM's Taite Couch (45.13) was fifth and Athens' Sean Waltman (45.48) was sixth.

Wellsboro's Dupree Hosey (41-feet, ¾-inches) won the triple jump with Towanda's Dalton Dunn (40-feet, 11 ½-inches) and Griffin Sites (40-feet, 11-inches) second and third.

Wyalusing's Kasar Cameron (39-feet, 3-inches) was fourth, Williamson's Daniel Freeman (38-feet, 2-inches) was fifth and Towanda's Joe Koss (38-feet, 2-inches) took sixth.

Towanda's Griffin Sites won the 800 in 2:06.80 as he held off NPM's Blake Nelson (2:10.13). Athens' Ethan Lane (2:10.89) and Bradley Cordona (2:15.43) were third and fourth.

Williamson's George Reynolds (2:15.79) was fifth and Towanda's Chase Dibble (2:16.33) took sixth.

NEB's Alec Morris (159-feet, 1-inch) won the javelin with Wyalusing's Derek Frederick (156-feet, 4-inches) second.

Wellsboro's Brandon Lamphier (149-feet, 5-inches) was third, NEB's David Ford (149-feet) fourth, Canton's Connor Hess (147-feet) fifth and Towanda's Dakota Bacorn (143-feet, 8-inches) sixth.

Canton's Connor Hess won the high jump at 6-feet with NPM's Taite Couch (6-feet) second. Wyalusing's Scott Eberlin (6-feet) was third, Athens' Jon Dailey (5-feet, 8-inches) was fourth, Ram Kasar Cameron (5-feet, 8-inches) was fifth and NPM's Mason Gee (5-feet, 6-inches) was sixth.

Athens' Ashtyn Allen (42-feet, 8-inches) won the shot put with NEB's Alec Morris (40-feet, 8 ¾-inches) second.

Towanda's Ben Jenkins (39-feet, 7 ¼-inches) was third, NEB's Jonathan Merritt (39-feet, 4-inches) took fourth, Towanda's Wyatt Ferris (38-feet, 11-inches) was fifth and Wyalusing's R.J. Wildrick (38-feet, 8 ¼-inches) was sixth.