Towanda sweeps Canton, Wellsboro.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | April 20, 2017 | Photo courtesy The Review


Towanda sweeps Canton, WellsboroTOWANDA — Towanda earned home sweeps in NTL track and field action Wednesday.

The Knights had 99 points while Canton scored 41 and Wellsboro notched 36 on the boys' side.

In the javelin Canton's Connor Hess won at 144-feet, 11-inches followed by Wellsboro's Brandon Lamphier (128-feet, 6-inches) and Towanda's Dakota Bacorn (125-feet). Towanda's 4x800 relay won in 9:25.15.

Towanda Chase Fulmer won the 110 hurdles in 17.94 followed by teammate John Schrader (18.11) and Wellsboro's Alex Burrell (19.75).

Towanda's Griffin Sites won the 100 in 11.73 followed by Wellsboro's Devan Warner (11.78) and Canton's Camden Smith (11.78).

Knight Eric Lauber won the 1600 in 5:08.04 followed by Canton's Mak Gleckner (5:21.54) and Wellsboro's Austin Richards (5:22.73).

Hess won the high jump in 5-feet, 8-inches with Towanda's Devin Dunn (5-feet, 6-inches) second and Wellsboro's Dupree Hosey (5-feet, 6-inches) third.

Towanda's Joe Koss won the discus in 106-feet, 9-inches followed by teammates Wyatt Ferris (104-feet) and Ben Jenkins (97-feet, 11-inches).

Towanda won the 4x100 relay in 49.38.

Dunn won the long jump at 18-feet followed by Hosey (17-feet, 7-inches) and Smith (17-feet, 6-inches).

Canton's Timmy Ward won the 400 in 55.57 with Hess (56.49) second and Wellsboro's Brett Rudy (57.85) third.

Schrader won the 300 hurdles in 47.74 followed by Wagner (48.59) and Fulmer (49.02).

Jenkins won the shot put in 37-feet, 10-inches with teammate Joe Garris (36-feet, 2-inches) second and Ferris (36-feet) third.

Hess won the 800 in 2:20.67 followed by Lauber (2:21.75) and Richards (2:31.69).

Sites won the 200 in 24.30 with teammates Matt Madigan (25.15) second and Zach Sims (26.29) third.

Hosey took the triple jump in 35-feet, 9-inches while Canton's Nate Schoonover (30-feet, 8 1/2-inches) was third.

Towanda's Kaigon Stroop (11:48.69) won the 3200 followed by teammates Aaron Trybula (11:55.96) and Chase Dibble (12:14.30).

Towanda's 4x400 relay won in 4:13.26.

On the girls' side Towanda won with 72 points while Wellsboro had 57 and Canton scored 49.

Canton's Katie Henson won the javelin in 103-feet, 4-inches followed by Wellsboro's Samantha Spurgeon (92-feet, 3-inches) and Canton's Emalie Marnati (85-feet, 1-inch).

Canton's 4x800 relay won in 11:17.30.

Towanda's Marin Bovier won the 100 hurdles in 20.11 with Wellsboro's Grace Heckman (20.15) second and Towanda's Hannah Chilson (20.17) taking third.

Canton's Brooke Ward won the 100 in 13.35 followed by Towanda's Reigan Hill (13.73) and Wellsboro's Caitlyn Callahan (14.13).

Black Knight Ally Tama won the long jump in 15-feet, 2-inches with Hill (13-feet, 10-inches) and Wellsboro's Dahlia Hosey (13-feet, 8-inches) second and third.

Wellsboro's Elizabeth Macias (6:20.60) won the 1600 followed by teammate Anna Bleggi (6:25.85) and Towanda's Ezoza Ismailova (6:25.89).

Lady Knight Jessica Tice won the shot put in 36-feet, 3-inches followed by Henson (31-feet, 4-inches) and Towanda's Mecca Grover (27-feet, 1 1/2-inches).

Canton won the 4x100 relay in 56.64.

Warrior Tamara Hess won the 400 in 1:08.4 followed by teammate Alana Castle (1:10.21) and Wellsboro's Zoe Iseri (1:12.29).

Tama won the high jump in 4-feet, 8-inches with Hosey (4-feet, 6-inches) and Jillian Graver (4-feet, 4-inches) second and third.

Towanda's Jonnilei Abrams won the 300 hurdles in 57.06 followed by Wellsboro's Savana Baltzley (58.03) and Towanda's Cynthia Kerrick (1:00.11).

Canton's Rachel Sparling won the 800 in 2:47.83 while Towanda's Mya Miller (2:49) and Macias (2:56.02) were second and third.

Wellsboro's Hannah Lawton (80-feet, 11-inches) won the discus followed by Henson (78-feet, 2-inches) and Tice (77-feet, 11-inches).

Tama won the 200 in 27.49 with teammate Elaina Johnson (30.49) second and Callahan (30.74) third.

Canton's Elle Binford won the triple jump in 29-feet, 4-inches followed by Callahan (29-feet, 1-inch) and Wellsboro's Alivia Kennedy (26-feet, 9-inches).

Bleggi won the 3200 in 14:25.45 followed by Ismailova (15:43.77) and Kerrick (18:58.10).

Wellsboro's 4x400 relay won in 5:18.53.

There was no pole vault due to weather conditions.