Wyalusing's Huffman captures title at Flatland High School Invitational.

By: Brian Fees | Towanda Daily Review | September 16, 2012 | Photo courtesy Brian Fees


2012 Flatland High School InvitationalMANSFIELD - It was a little different atmosphere for Wyalusing senior Erika Huffman.

She watched as the other teams at Mansfield University's Flatland High School Invitational huddled up before the race.

She watched the teams do their cheer and run together to warm up.

And, there stood Huffman. Alone at the starting line. The lone girl representing Wyalusing on Saturday morning.

"It's really different, I am used to my teammates right behind me," she said. "It's really different. I was the only one in the box. It was a little different to get used to."

However, Huffman went to the race to get a chance to see some teams she doesn't normally see, like New York schools Elmira, Owego, Waverly and Edison, and to run against Elk Lake.

She also knows that in the future there may be a time when she is the lone Wyalusing girl at a race.

"It's good to get used to this in case I'm the only Wyalusing girl at states," she said. "I need to be used to it in case I'm the only one there."

While the atmosphere may have been different for Huffman the results weren't as Huffman picked up another victory, winning in 19:15.83, topping the next finisher (Malinda Wheeler of Elmira), by nearly 13 seconds.

"It's different competition and it really pushed me," Huffman said.

One of the things about the race was seeing the girls from New York schools that she doesn't know much about.

"It's a little intimidating, I don't do much research on schools like Owego or Elmira because they aren't at my state meet," Huffman said. "It's a little different, you don't know much about them."

Elmira's Abby Wheeler was third in 19:29.22, followed by Elk Lake's Kenzie Jones (19:32.71) and Jenny VanEtten (19:36.05).

Mansfield's Violet Learn was eighth in 19:52.32 and teammate Simone Lichty was 14th in 20:36.51. Waverly's Kaylee Uhl was 16th in 20:59.93 and teammate Katelyn Moore was 19th in 21:58.62.

Waverly's Kelsey Frank was 27th in 22:55.29 and teammates' Kylene Chandler was 29th (23:15.87) and Aubri Frisbie was 33rd (23:50.64).

Mansfield's Ayla Rohl was 40th in 24:16.33 and teammate Logan Wilson 43rd in 24:31.76, followed by Canton's Gemma Bardo (24:42.68). Waverly's Taylor Knight was 47th in 25.42.13 and teammate Sidney Shaffer was 51st in 26:59.45.

In the girls standings, Elmira won at 26, followed by Elk Lake at 43, Owego at 86, Edison at 101 and Waverly at 107.

For the boys, Elmira won at 46, Elk Lake had 54, Owego had 75, Canton had 78, Waverly had 126, Edison had 132 and CV had 199.

Elk Lake's Luke Jones won at 15:59.46, followed by Elmira's Cory McCarthy (16:45.36) and Shaun Kurcoba (16:45.76), and Canton's Emmett Watson (17:03.38), Brennan Gleckner (17:16.93) and Brooks Gleckner (17:29.16).

Wyalusing's Zamien Benditt was seventh in 17;34.89. Waverly's Andy Kinsley was 15th in 18:06.45 and teammate Mark Kraus was 20th in 18:29.35.

Waverly's Collin Traub was 24th and teammate Randy Chandler was 27th, while Canton's Michael May took 29th and CV's Matt Treeter was 27th. Mansfield's Garrett Butters was 41st, followed by Canton's Brendan Cohick and Dylan Cleveland of CV. Canton's Keegan Wright was 47th. CV's Brian Fulmer was 50th, followed by teammate T.J. Swartz and Canton's Cody VanRyn. Canton's Lucas Abercrombie was 59th, followed by teammate Austin Bunner.

Waverly's Rich Northrop was 65, teammate Brady Sprague was 67th, followed by Canton's Dylan Marbaker.

CV's Ben Williams was 72nd and Quin Abercrombie of CAnton was next.

CV's Jared Clark was 76th and Waverly's Brandon Whitley was 80th followed by Kacey Madigan. Canton's Chris Whitehead was 8th followed by teammate Nathan Thompson, while teammate Nyan Black wsas 91st. Mansfield's Tyler Bradley was 94th.

For junior high boys Elk Lake won at 29, Waverly had 38 and Elmira had 60.

Dakota Oswald of Elk Lake won in 7:11.48, followed by Waverly's Garrett Sutryk (7:11.73) and Elk Lake's Dan Bell (7:11.92), Ty Moon (7:20.92) and Brett Carney (7:21.12). Mansfield's Blake Nelson was sixth in 7:37.67, followed by CV's Matt Freeman (7:56.34) and Waverly's Matt VanHouten (7:57.19). Canton's Nate Deeghan was 16th in 8:39.48.

For the girls Elk Lake had 18, Elmira had 54, Canton had 69 and Waverly had 107. Elk Lake's Keri Jones won in 7:43.65, followed by teammate Justine Johns (7:49.06), Elmira's Olivia Reilly (7:52.60), Katie Bennett (7:54.90) and Julie VonEtten (7:55.74).

Mansfield's Molly Craig was eighth in 8:15.92, followed by Canton's Abby Heatley (8:22.62) and CV's Paige Swartz (8:24.80) and Canton's Randi Jennings (8:45.55). Waverly's Deanna Chandler was 26th in 9:40.07.


The Wellsboro boys finished fifth, tops among Class A schools, with 180 points. Jordan Jackson won in 16:43.08, Bobby Hill was seventh in 17:30.01, Joey Doganeiro was 32nd in 18:19.52 and Derek Morgan was 77th in 19:53.02 and Dakota Cleveland was 78th in 19:54.02.

Altoona won at 67 points.

For the girls Wellsboro was seventh at 205, second among Class A schools

Jordayn Coffee was 27th at 21:57.22, Jada Jackson was 35th in 22:13.95, Charlotte Worthington was 44th in 22:34.14, Randi Grim was 57th in 23:00.09 and Annie Sweeney was 71st in 23:34.93.

Oakland Catholic won at 57 points and the top Class A school was Penn Cambria at 149.


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