Wellsboro track and field tops Sayre.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | April 17, 2015


The Wellsboro boys' and girls' track and field teams notched wins over Sayre on Thursday.

The boys won 90-51, while the girls came out on top 96.5-44.5.

In the high jump Wellsboro's Nick Marple won at 5-feet, 8-inches, followed by teammate Rich Tardieu (6-feet, 6-inches) and Sayre's Mike Richman was third at 5-feet 8-inches.

In the long jump Michael Pietropola of Wellsboro won at 19-feet, 1 1/2-inches, followed by teammate Jacob Singer (15-feet, 7 1/2-inches) and Sayre's Sam VanDermark (15-feet, 5 1/2-inches).

In the triple jump Tardieu won at 38-feet, 1 1/2-inches, followed by teammates Jack Chambers (29-feet, 9 1/2-inches) and Singer (27-feet, 4 1/2-inches).

In the pole vault Jorden Buck of Sayre won at 9-feet, followed by Wellsboro's Devin Webster (8-feet) and Sayre's Tyler Colburn (7-feet, 6-inches).

In the discus Zach Hatch of Sayre won at 102-feet, 6-inches, followed by teammate Kris Platt (95-feet, 1-inch) and Wellsboro's Jonas Benner (89-feet, 11-inches).

Brandon Lamphier of Wellsboro won the javelin at 122-feet, 1-inch, followed by Brody Coolidge of Wellsboro (108-feet, 10-inches) and Tyler Belles of Sayre (91-feet, 1-inch).

In the 3200 Nick Sweet of Sayre won in 11:24, followed by Wellsboro's Isaac Leach (12:43) and Connor Brought (13:05).

Sayre won the 3200 relay in 9:14 and in the 110 hurdles Chambers won in 18.5, followed by Casey Hoover of Wellsboro (22.54) and Nic Ingerick of Wellsboro (24.54).

Pietropola won the 100 in 12.14, followed by teammates Marple (12.14) and Brieux Thibaut (12.44).

In the 1600 meters Sweet won in 5:00, followed by Leach (5:15) and Brought (5:55).

Sayre's Adam Moore won the 400 in 52.9, followed by Wellsboro's Kieron Smethers (53.7) and Thibaut (55.4).

In the 300 hurdles Chambers won in 44.2, followed by Hoover (57.0) and Collin Pietropola of Wellsboro (1:08).

Nathan Romanauski of Sayre won the 800 in 2:13, followed by Sweet (2:19) and Leach (2:27).

Thibaut won the 200 in 24.8, followed by Smethers (25.5) and Phil Bennett of Sayre (26.3).

For the girls Wellsboro's Anna Bleggi won the 3200 in 13:35, followed by teammates Janessa Davis (13:43) and Jordyn Coffee (15:06).

Caitlynn Butler, Davis, Camryn Keane and Annie Sweeney won the 3200 relay in 11:35.4 for Wellsboro and in the 100 hurdles Sayre's Mia Rivera won in 17.39, followed by Wellsboro's Haley Zuchowski (17.73) and Emma Eccher (19.97).

In the 100 Jada Jackson of Wellsboro won in 13.45, followed by teammates Lauren Bleggi (14.07) and Lindsey Graver (14.44).

In the 1600 Anna Bleggi won in 6:29, followed by Sayre's Cristin Hickey (6:50).

Sydney Beeman of Sayre won the 400 in 1:07.1, followed by Wellsboro's Butler (1:09.6) and Sayre's Madison Harding (1:10.8).

In the 300 hurdles Zuchowski won in 53.3, followed by Eccher (59.0) and Jillian Graver of Wellsboro (1:07).

Keane won the 800 in 2:46, followed by Beeman (2:50) and Sweeney (2:56).

Lauren Bleggi won the 200 in 28.4, followed by Sayre's Jessica Hickey (29.3) and Makayla McMichael of Wellsboro (32.7).

In the girls' high jump Raisa Rogers of Wellsboro won at 5-feet, 1-inch, followed by Sayre's Allison Hickey and Harding (4-feet, 7-inches each).

Jackson won the long jump at 16-feet, 3 1/2-inches, followed by Lindsey Graver (15-feet, 5-inches) and Sayre's Kirsten Covey (12-feet, 9-inches).

Jackson won the triple jump at 36-feet, 7 1/2-inches, followed by Lindsey Graver (32-feet) and Andrea Noldy of Sayre (27-feet, 11 1/2-inches).

Joey Taft of Wellsboro won the pole vault at 7-feet, 6-inches, followed by teammate Melody Benner and Sayre's Matthea Robbins tied for second at 6-feet, 6-inches.

Sayre's Anna King won the discus at 86-feet, 11-inches, followed by teammate Molly Ball (81-feet, 9-inches) and Meghan Bodine of Wellsboro (79-feet).

Ball won the javelin at 91-feet, 8-inches, followed by Wellsboro's Samantha Spurgeon (75-feet, 8-inches) and Keane (69-feet, 4-inches).